What is knitted fabric?

2016-02-03 08:15 | writer: admin

Knitted fabric is fabric which use the needle to curve and interloop the yarn, inlcuding warp knitted fabric and weft knitted fabric. The knitted fabric is soft, hygroscopic and breathable, sweat and warm etc, usually has good elasticity and extensibility. Compare with the woven fabric, it has the characteristics of high productivity and suitable for small-lot production. The knitted garments wear comfortable, formfitting, unbuttoned, which can fully reflect the human curvature.
Production process:
There are four main production links: spin, weave, dye, finish.
1, Spin: The process of put all kinds of woven fiber into yarn.
2, Weave: using the needle or knitting elements to makes the yarn into coil, and interloop the coil to fabric.
3, Dye: the process to color the fiber by dye or pigment and makes it with fastness.
4, Finish: the process to makes the fabric appearance and inner quality improvement, and enhance the fabric wearability or give the fabric special functions through the physical or chemistry working.

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