What is satin fabric?

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Satin fabric is the fabric with complex weaving process. It's warp and weft yarn separate at least 3 yarn and then weaving one time, and there always have long floating threads, warp or weft yarn,covering on the surface of fabric,along with the float yarn direction,it is smooth and shine,satin soft and delicate,and elastic. Since the stain weave enhance density of fabric, floral design is more third dimension than cotton twill fabric, and the fabric become more thick and solid. satin products costs are higher than the same kind of plain weave,twill weave fabric.the fabric which use satin weave named satin fabric.
Satin fabric is satin weave fabric,it is made of two adjacent warp or weft yarn tissue spread even but not continuous.
The feature of satin fabric 
There are two kinds of satin fabric: warp face satin fabric and weft face satin fabric,it is the most complex kind of weave. The dependent tissue points of satin weave fabric are covered by the nearby warp and weft float yarn.
Fabric surface is smooth, well-spaced, soft ,shiny or have slight weave ,good elastic, and good air permeability. Satin fabric mostly is shads, which can be printing, or jacquard weave when using in bed products. Shads is one kind of general trousers material. Besides,there is also elastic satin,it is higher class fabric,because it is shiny and soft,it is the most special products in pure cotton fabric,satin fabric is widely used in sheet,garment,shoe upper and decorative fabric etc.

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