Regarding to the introduction of PH value for fabric

2016-02-05 08:24 | writer: admin

Textile PH value, the remains of acid and alkali content on fabric, is one of the index for the limit of hazardous substance which influence human safety and health. Chinese national standard GB18401-2010 <NATIONAL TEXTILE PRODUCT BASIC SAFETY TECHNIC MANUAL>set, The PH value of infant fabric and underwear fabric should be controlled within 4.0-8.5, For the textile products non-direct contact to skin, It ‘s PH value should be controlled within 4.0~9.0, if product need after following process which need go through wet treatment , PH value can be raised to 4.0~10.5.
The PH value of human skin is 5.5~7.0 generally, namely faintly acid. If the PH value of fabric is over standard, It will destroy destroy the weak acid environment of skin , cause itching, make the skin vulnerable to other diseases, and even cause dermatitis and other symptoms.
In additions, textile’s PH value higher or lower will damage the textile fiber when storing. Thus, textile’s PH value not only connect customer’s health, but also connect itself quality.
The reasons of PH value over standard varies a lot. after dyeing the fabric,If you drying out the fabric without enough washing or any save solutions, It’s the main reason to cause PH value unqualified. Moreover, inferior fabric etc also will cause PH value over standard.

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