What is the rib knit fabric?

2016-02-16 08:19 | writer: admin

The rib knit fabric is the knit fabric, which form obverse and reverse wale successively by a piece of yarn. 
The ribwork is one of the basic construction of the weft-knitted fabric, which is combine and arrange of the obverse stitch wale. The rib knit fabric have biggish elasticity and extensibility when stretch in the crosswise. It have the decoherence, selvedge curling and extensibility of the plain fabric and also have biggish elasticity at the same time. 
So the fabric is use for the outer clothing need elasticity, such as stretch shirt, vest, pullon cuff, collar and bottom, etc. It is used for the collar and cuff of the T shirt, with good effect of body, with big elasticity and mainly used for the casual wear. 

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