According to The Structure Shape, What the Yarn Can be Divided Into?

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Yarn ,made up of textile fiber, is one kind of continuous strip that has certain mechanical properties, fineness and softness.
Usually, the so called "yarn" is actually a collective called of "yarn" and "line", generally defined as: yarn is a continuous linear objects of various textile fibers as raw materials, it is thin and soft, and has the basic properties of adapting to textile processing and use of the final product. in the textile, people also defined the "yarn" and "line" separately, namely "yarn" is a large number of short fibers or filaments arranged substantially parallel state and along the axial rotation twisted to form a certain strength and linear density products; and "line" is the product combined of two or more than two twisted yarn , called line or folded yarns.
According to the different classification basis,yarn can be divided into different types. According to the structure of the yarn, it can be divided into 10 kinds of yarn:
Monofilament: refers to the continuous single yarn with a long length .
Multifilament: refers to the tows combined by at least two single silk.
Throwing: multifilament yarn after  twisting.
Composite twisting: throwing after one or more times multiple merging, twisting Serve composite twisting.
Textured yarn: after deformation processing ,Chemical fiber raw silk will have some appearance characteristics like curly, screw, ring. The purpose of processing is to increase bulkiness, scalability and flexibility. According to different performance characteristics, the textured yarn usually can be divided into stretch yarn, bulky yarn and filament network three.
Single Yarn: short fibers formed by spinning a single continuous strip.
Folded Yarns: the merger twisting two or more single yarns are formed. If formed by the merger of two yarn is called double-strand, three and above are called multi-folded yarn. Then twisted strands merging to become a multi-twisted strands.
Fancy yarn: With a special process, having a special morphology and color of yarn, including space-dyed yarn and fancy rule, Is composed of a core yarn, decorative yarn and yarn on a solid color twister twisting formation, surface fiber knot, bamboo, loops, braids, spiral, wave and other special appearance shape or color.
Bulk yarn: bulk yarn is the use of heat-shrinkable acrylic fiber candied process, with the fullness of soft yarn of high degree. The low shrinkage and high shrinkage performance properties preserved by a certain percentage of acrylic fiber blend yarns and relaxation heat setting. Thus, large shrinkage fibers contract to form a core yarn, low shrinkage fibers shrinkage, thereby producing a fluffy yarn.
Covering yarn: is a filament or spun yarn as the core yarn, outsourcing other fiber or yarn to form a yarn.

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