What is long staple cotton? What is the advantages of long staple cotton fabric?

2016-02-18 08:22 | writer: admin

Long staple cotton is named due to its fiber is soft and long,It’s also called sea island cotton or fine staple cotton. The quality of long staple cotton is good, all of quality indexes are exceed state requested standards.It always looks white, glossy and has wonderful flexibility.
The feature of long staple cotton: 
1. Quantity is less but the quality is the best, very precious.It can be comparable to diamonds in South Africa.
2. Under the same condition, its growth time is 10-15 days longer than upland cotton, the required heat is big, so it’s better in quality.
3. Its fiber is softer and longer, heat faster, warm property better.
4. Fineness and strength is higher than normal cotton, so the softness is more better.
The advantages of long staple cotton fabric:
1. Better vertical sense, very smooth ,just likes silk.
2. Better color fastness, more time washes but not fade.
3. Better abrasion resistance and durable, good wrinkle resistance, difficult to pilling.
4. Better breathable and humidity elimination, has more than 5 times as much as breathable.

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