How Many Kind of Textile Fabric According to Weave Structure?

2016-02-19 08:19 | writer: admin

Textile is crossing wove two direction yarn according to certain rules on the loom, also means weft yarn and warp yarn crossing up and down according to certain rules, this rules will build a kind of grain and figure, this kind of structure called weave structure. It can be divided into plain, twill, satin and jacquard, the product of Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd are the first three kind mostly, generally jacquard fabric cannot be used as functional protective workwear fabric.  
Plain fabric: The warp and weft yarn of plain fabric crosses every one yarn, weaving point is dense and there is no differences between front and back surface, so the plain fabric is firm and smooth. But the density of this fabric is not high, it is light, wearable and breathable, generally plain fabric is not a high grade product, cotton plain fabric is most used in ordinary printing products.  
Twill structure: The warp yarn and weft yarn crosses every two yarns, adding crossing point and changing weave structure, this called twill structure. This fabric got a high density and it is thick and solid, the is difference between front and back surface, it also got a soft hand feeling and smooth. The yarn count got 30, 40, 60 etc..
Satin: The warp yarn and weft yarn crosses every three yarns one time, hence this fabric got a high density and it is more solid. This kind of fabric product cost higher than twill fabric. It got front and back surface difference, because the satin got a long float, the strength is poorest, but it is soft and smooth, also got a good reflet, so it is widely used.
Jacquard structure: Also called “big weave structure”. According to figure, put yarn on knit needle then ring weave to final fabric. Jacquard structure can be wove in weft and warp knitting or single and double surface fabric. Print fabric is print the figure after fabric produced, it got choices, but jacquard fabric is wove while producing, there is no more choice after produced. 

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