What are The Most Important Technical Parameters of Textile?

2016-02-20 08:26 | writer: admin

1, Yarn count, the count quantity is subject to the length of one gram yarn, for example, a cotton can be made into a 40-meter yarn, that is 40 yarn counts, the more yarn counts, the yarn is thinner, if use this yarn to weave fabric, the fabric will be more soft and comfortable.
2, Density, density refers to the warp and weft yarn count in a unit of length, in general, the greater the density, with a higher requirement about the manufacturing technology and cost.
3,Shrinkage, the shrinkage is the textile shrinking percentage after washing or immersion. Generally speaking, the biggest shrinkage textile are synthetic fibre and mixture fabric, the woollens and flax fabric second, the middle is cotton fabric. 

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