How to Wash 100% Cotton Clothing?

2016-02-21 08:06 | writer: admin

100% cotton textile is made from cotton material, after weaving, blending the weft and warp yarn into textile. 100% cotton material have the characteristic of hygroscopicity / alkali resistance and wholesomeness etc, so it’s favored by many customers. But what’s the best method to wash 100% cotton clothing?
Checking if the textile have wash label first, if have, just do according to manufacturer’s direction. If not, then we should get to test , to make sure the better washing method. Since 100% cotton textile will absorb solvent’s impurity or fade during dry washing, so water washing may proved to be the best washing method. You can measure the size to prevent the shrinking after washing.
Test the color fastness on one inconspicuous of the fabric using water and cleanser. Better using cleanser to test it, because in this way it will get the accurate result. If the color fastness without any problem, then using warm water and pre-chosen cleanser to machine washing according to regular procedure ( hot water may cause shrinking). On the final washing stage, it can be put some powder to enhance the fabric’s straight feeling. 
If you want to make the fabric being more smooth and hard feeling, then put the fabric on the washing pressing machine to iron. But please note , don’t put the plastic tape(buckle) or metal zipper on pressing machine. If you want to get soft feeling, then put it on drying machine according to cotton textile’s drying method, finally pressing iron like iron any cotton textile.

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