Which Reasons Led to Fabric Color Difference?

2016-02-22 08:24 | writer: admin

Different fiber composition of all kinds of fabrics, different types of dyes and dyeing process equipment used, together with the dyeing process has different requirements and characteristics, the reasons of the fault and the performance is different. Color difference is varied in appearance performance, but the reason is mainly the following:
(1) Early uneven distribution of the dye on the fabric: dye ,before fixation,if uneven distribution in each part of the fabric,it will form color difference after fixation. The main reasons caused this phenomenon: ① fabric factors: Due to the different performance of the fibers or desizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerizing in pre-processing is not uniform, make uneven permeability of semi-finished product before dye,so cause differences in the degree of dye absorption; ② imbibition factors; due to reason of the mechanical structure or improper operation, make take-up of each part of the fabric is inconsistent, then resulting in color difference; ③ predrying factors: when pre-drying after padding solution, due to the rate and extent of drying is inconsistent , causing varying degrees of dye-migration, making the uneven distribution of the dye on the fabric.
(2)Dye fixation degree on the fabric is different: although the dye on the fabric with the first distribution is uniform, but in the process of fixation, if improper control of conditions make some parts of the dyes on the fabric has not been fully fixation, in the post-processing soaping will be removed, resulting in color difference.
(3)Dye shade mutation: this difference is due to some reasons cause shade of part of dye changes,there are three general kinds of reasons: ① before dyeing factors: the uneven whiteness of semi-product or PH value has bigger difference, could easily lead shade difference after dyeing; ② dyeing factors: for example, disperse dyes hot melt temperature is too high, make shade of certain dyes become dark; excessive reduction of vat dyes, also make shade differences; ③ after dyeing factors: in process of after-treatment, such as resin finishing, high temperature tentering or different PH value, will lead to different degrees of dye shade change; ④ soaping: If soaping is insufficient, will make not enough color and color difference.

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