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CEN is EU according to 83/189/EEC instruct (it is the program to provide information in technical standard and regulation) which is admissive officially  it is specially responsible for the europe standardization  except area of electrician and telecom.CEN standard is the most important basic standard which ISO formulate international standard,it is also the most important mainstay that measure the product quality of EU market.
The type of CEN standard contains EN,TS,TR,CWA . EU standard is the strongest executive force standard among all the CEN standard, ach country must use EU standard as national,and  evocate  he national standard which is against EU standard. But EU standard is voluntary, hat is too say ,it is executive of its own will for manufactures, manufacture can disobey EU standard.
The numbering way of EU standard is :standard code +serial number . If one standard used by member countries, it will use dualism number. For example ,if standard used in UK, it will express as BS EN71:2003.if use in France,it will express as NF EN71:2003 .if the standard used in Germany, it will express as DIN EN 71:2003.
EU countries is the cradle of eco-textile , eco-textile is the effective tool which EU build technical barrier . EU have very strict safeguard procedures for textile .The eco problem of textiles have developed into whole production ,consume process environment management from former forbid some dyestuff .The main content including the following aspects:
(1)Prohibitive regulation: couldn’t use the dye stuff which can break up into Azo dye of carcinogenic aromatic amine or other carcinogenic dyeing stuff, or acetate dye which can cause human body allergic,or Organochlorine carrier used in the dyeing, fire prevention and antimicrobial treatment additives.
(2)Limited rules: heavy metal , insecticide,formaldehyde , corrosion remover ,have limited rules in textiles.
(3)Colour fastness standard: for example color fastness to rubbing ,color fastness to washing ,color fastness to perspiration .
(4)Main commend standard: biodegradability ,heavy metel standard , organic chloride content ,biotoxicity ect.
The textile which meet the related Eco standard usually can achieve the related eco mark. The representative mark is : Eco-Label mark、Oeko-Tex100、Milieukeur mark、White Swan mark ect.

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