What are The American Textile Standard?

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The American textile quality testing standard mainly have: ASTM standard, AATCC standard, ANSI standard, CPSC standard and FTC mandatory standard.
ASTM standard mainly for researching and developing all kinds of norm and testing method standard. The responsibility of D-13 branch of it is revise the physical performance standard of textile, including testing method, testing specification and testing requirements. ASTM standard has the highest reliability, integrity and market acceptability, so American textile industrial recognize ASTM D-13 as central tissue of the whole fiber field.
After many years of development, AATCC has became a international standardized organization from a regional standardized organization. AATCC have its own testing lab in North Carolina of United states, has advanced testing equipments, specially used for enact and improve testing method standard research. AATCC revise the standards that have enacted constantly, to ensure the efficiency and advanced.
ANSI is a non-profit private standardized organization that Authorized by the federal government. Its main function is: coordinate standardization activities of domestic institutions, review and approve American National standard, on behalf of the United States to participate in international standardization activities, provide standard information consulting services, cooperate with government department. ANSI consists of electrical, construction, daily necessities, drawing, material testing and other technical committee.
The main responsibility of CPSC is reduce the possibility hurt and dead risk when using consumer goods, develop industrial standard, enact and strengthen mandatory standard etc.. It involves the management of textiles products mainly for the safety performance, including the design and flame retardant performance etc..
FTC belongs to the United states official government agency, its responsibility and task is enact trade regulations, and punish behaviors that violate those regulations, protect the consumer benefit, to ensure the market with competitive.
American National standards is non mandatory standards, the government encourage each organization adopt voluntary Standard in the standardized activities. But the technical regulations in the United States is quite complete, technical regulations are the basis of technical standards, the standards that referred by law and formulated by government departments are mandatory standards.

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