What are The Japanese Textile Standards?

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JIS is short for Japanese Industrial standards. The JIS is made by the Japanese industrial standards investigation committee, which is the Japanese official mission and is the member of Japan’s MITI industrial technology. The primary mission is approve and issue JIS standard. This organizational system is carry out after the INDUSTRIAL STANDARD LAW carried out on July 1st, 1949. 
JIS can be divided into product standard, test method and basic standard according to the character of the content.  
The Japanese take serious about the quality of the clothing. The Japanese traders have a strict product quality standards as audit foundation to the textile and clothing import to Japan. There are three standards as bellow, JISL, P/L and product quality standards judge. 
(1) JISL. This standard specified all the textile test standards and method and it contains detailed safety and function standards. 
(2) P/L. It specified that the loss of life and property caused by product manufacture, the manufacture should be responsible for it. When the products itself is damage and have not cause damage to human and goods, they will not investigate. Because of the product production and manufacture and lead to the accident and damage the customers’ benefit. After confirmed, the manufacture should pay for it. If the manufacture don’t make notes or warning about the problems on design, production and not clear issue and make customer not familiar with products and lead to harm to customer, the manufacture should pay for it. 
(3) Judge of product quality standards. About the quality standards, in general, according to the different textile and clothing, test the physical property, dye color fastness, products specification, safety(medicament residue), product appearance, sewing and so on.
When Japanese trading company import textile and clothing from China, they’ll make a series of quality test standard and demand the manufacture get the conformity certification or authorization from the specified quality test agency(such as test company) and then the products are allowed to be sale in Japan. 
There are many textile fiber and clothing mark in Japan. Q(quality) is the mark of Japanese high quality products. SIF is the mark of approval and recommend of the excellent products.

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