What Reasons will Affect the Resultant Yarn’s Strength of Textile Fabric?

2016-02-26 08:19 | writer: admin

1. The influence of fibrous materials on yarn strength. The longer the fiber, the better the fiber alignment, then the resultant yarn’s strength is better, and the strength variable coefficient is smaller. When spinning the same yarn, if the spinning fibers’ density is smaller, there will be more fibers in the yarn, this will make fiber inside to outside transfer increasing in the twistification, each fiber can bear the uniform tension and it will increase the contact area between each fiber, then increasing the cohesive force and friction force, all this factors will increase the resultant yarn’s strength.
2.The effect of fore-spinning process on resultant yarn’s strength. Technical method of scutching should be reasonable, which can increase loosing efficiency of machine, this will check out most of harmful defects and impurity; Setup hit point reasonably or use carding method , reduce the damage to fabric.
Carding process should choose card clothing and reasonable process method, make carding effect completely, pick out short fibers and knots and reduce new cotton knots and damage to fabric and increasing strength of resultant fabric.
Drawing process should reduce the irregularity of weight and evenness of drawing Sliver, then reduce the weight irregularity of roving and spun yarn effectively. Yarn strength can be improved at the same time.
The point of roving processes is improving short-term weight irregularity, controlling roving periodic unevenness, and reducing it’s influence on spun yarn strength and strength irregularity. That’s why we should, in actual production, control drawing Sliver quantity strictly, reduce  aberration of eye and instrument, control the roving elongation reasonable, enhance the inspection and repair to rubber rolls, rubber rings, cradles, and drive system.
3. The influence of other yarn quality indicators on yarn strength. The better the yarn evenness, the better the yarn strength, then the resultant yarn’s strength is better, and the strength variable coefficient is smaller.
The weight unevenness of yarn in per hundred is the most important factors caused uneven strength between cops. In general, only when the weight unevenness of yarn in per hundred controlled under 2%, can the variable coefficient of yarn strength avoids exceeding the standard.
The amount of the yarn twist factor and the irregularity of twist also has greatly effect on the strength of yarn. With the increase of twist, yarn strength also increase gradually, but after arrive the critical value of twist , the yarn strength decreases with increasing twist.

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