What Factors will Affect the Warp Shrinkage of Fabric?

2016-02-27 08:16 | writer: admin

1, weft density: the higher weft density leads to frequently and large warp crimp amplitude and big warp shrinkage.
2, fabric weave: the more warp weaving point of fabric basic weave leads to warp interweave frequently and big warp shrinkage. Other things being equal, the warp shrinkage in order to sort as follows: plain is the biggest one, the second is twill, the smallest is satin.
3, basic warp tension: the bigger the basic warp tension, the smaller warp crimp amplitude and shrinkage.
4, the humiture in manufacturing workshop: the warp yarn is easier to produce permanent extension under the same condition of high temperature and humidity and basic warp tension. According to the formula of warp shrinkage, the shrinkage is smaller.
5, sizing elongation: if the sizing elongation is too high, the rest will be few, low rebound resilience and flexibility dropped, which will lead to small warp shrinkage.
6, natural conditions: after test and one years storage in the workshop, because of the warp tension lift, warp yarn retraction, the warp shrinkage is bigger than on weaving machine, at that time, the higher humidity in manufacturing workshop, the bigger warp shrinkage.

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