How to Determine the Nep Impurities in the Fabric?

2016-03-01 08:33 | writer: admin

Nep is produced by poor ginning quality or spinning process handled poorly of fiber, immature cotton or dead cotton.Discriminant method is as follows:
(1) Nep in the yarn, regardless of yellow, white, round, flat, big or small, if it can be identified by the examiner ‘s eyesight,we called it nep.
(2) Fibers gathered into a group, regardless of loose and tight, are called nep.
(3) Neps formed by immature cotton, dead cotton (pieces, lices,strips), are called nep.
(4)Though yellow and white fiber are not formed nep, it formed flock and part of them wrapped around the yarn is called nep.
(5) Adhesional neps, are called nep.
(6) Neps with impurities, we called them neps,not impurities.
(7) All thick cotton yarn evenness, checked according to evenness, not neps.

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