The Evaluation Method of Fabric Quality

2016-03-02 08:19 | writer: admin

The evaluation method of fabric quality is according to requires of fabric quality or require of agreement ,test method ,to test the fabric ,and according to test result ,compare the technical standard ,then evaluate the fabric class . The test content include inner quality and out looking . Inner quality refer to fabric weave ,width ,density of warp and weft ,shrinkage rate of warp and weft ,fabric weight ,color fastness ect . some fabric’s inner quality also include tear strength ,abrasion times ,seam strength ect .Appearance defect refers to the defect which can see on the surface of the fabric ,it was caused by raw material ,weaving prepare ,weaving ,finishing or dyeing and printing . For example ,the nep ,impurity, oil yarn, crease on the surface of cotton fabric .appearance defect not only effect the fabric’s appearance, but also effect the fabric’s durability , for greige ,also effect the after process of the fabric .so according to inner quality and appearance quality to evaluate the fabric class is reasonable .
The testing method of fabric contains machine test and organic inspection, the handfeel and shine of fabric usually use organic inspection .
The fabric handfeel is one of important content that people use to evaluate the fabric quality . specifically speaking, the reaction when people feel the fabric ,it is different based on different fabric ,and different quality ,the handfeel of fabric ,also have big difference.
Moreover, people can stretch the fabric strip the fabric by hand ,and then look the surface of the fabric ,the feeling of the hand ,then elevate the fabric elasticity ,strength , wrinkle resistance quality and fiber category ect..

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