What Factors Would Influence the Textile Tensile Strength?

2016-03-03 08:22 | writer: admin

The tensile strength of textile can be divided into three types: as for the woven fabric, one is tensile strength, most of fabric can reach this demand, if not, the development of this fabric is unsuccessful, can not be used to make clothing. The second is tear strength, tear the sample a hole first, then use the strength tester to tear the sample and test its sustainable strength, this is a key index and has much more substance. As for the knitted fabric, the index to check the fabric strength is bursting strength. The most relevant to the knitted fabric bursting strength are the yarn strength and fabric weight, if the fabric yarn strength is poor and the fabric weight is light, there will cause problems.
The yarn fineness: as for the same material, the thicker the yarn, the better strength, so this fabric strength is higher.
The yarn twist: in general, the yarn strength increase with twist, after reaching certain extent, the yarn strength decrease with twist, but it won’t happen in general.
The fabric density: generally speaking, the higher the fabric density, the more yarn dosage per unit area, so that the fabric strength is bigger.

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