What are The Prevention Measures for The Pilling of Textile?

2016-03-07 08:12 | writer: admin

The pilling has a great influence to the wearability of textile, however the factors of pilling exist in every processes from raw materials to production and daily wear. Improve textile pilling resistance is a system engineering, each procedure need adopt positive and effective preventive measures to improve the pilling resistance of the final products.
1. When choose the raw material, mainly consider the content of short hair, which have a big influence to the pilling resistance. For the easy pilling type, it should choose the material with long fiber length but short hair. For with chemical fiber blended products, it should be choose big diameter fiber, which have better pilling resistance than small diameter fiber. The ready made fabric that be made from big diameter fiber certainly have harder hand feeling than small diameter one, so should balance the relation between hand feeling and pilling resistance in real production.
2. In weave process, to start from control short hair and reduce hairiness. Set the technical parameters scientific and reasonable, reduce the content of short fiber in each process, decrease hair content of thin yarn and shorten the length of hair, improve yarn evenness, reduce thick yarn, also can adopt new weave technology to get tight construction yarn.
3. In fabric design, it should choose suitable construction and density etc. Parameters according to the style of final products and the requirement of wearability.
4. In process of dyeing and finishing, it should adopt reasonable dyeing and finishing technology according to the fabric’s style feature and combined with the requirements of pilling resistance. When wear the clothing easy pilling, please go with smooth inner and outer to reduce the abrasion. Washing and drying method as far as possible in accordance with the requirements of the washing label on the garment.
5. For chemical fiber fabric that poor hygroscopicity or a dryer wear occasion, it’s more better to add antistatic fiber when weave the yarn.

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