What Kind of Basic Properties Does The Textile Fabric Have?

2016-03-09 14:43 | writer: admin

The basic properties of the textile fabric are fabric breaking strength(include tensile breaking strength, tear strength, top splitting strength and so on ) and wear resistance
The tensile breaking strength reflects the fastness of the textile fabric when it was stretched by external forces. The standard includes the breaking strength, breaking elongation, work of rupture and the specific work of rupture. The breaking strength means the load on the unit cross-sectional area when the fabric rupture. The breaking elongation means the percentage of elongation when the fabric was stretched and ruptured. The fracture work of the textile fabric can be calculated by drawing a coordination graph which can show the fabric’s changes between the load and elongation during the whole loading process. The breaking elongation curve is related closely to the warp and weft shrinkage of the fabric, the greater the weave shrinkage is, the bigger the tensile elongation will be in the beginning. The fracture work is the work done by an external force that can make the fabric being stretched to break. The larger work of fracture is, the more fastness the fabric is. Generally, the tear strength of the textile fabric is proportional to the strength of the yarn. As for the fabric with loosen texture, the yarn count with weighted will increase, and textile’s tear strength will also increased.
The abrasion resistance of the fabric is the property of resistant to wear and tear. The so-called abrasion means that in the process of using, the fabric will be damaged gradually due to the repeated friction of another object on it. There are many types of abrasion, the main types are: ①Flat abrasion: means the fabric was subjected to a reciprocating or rotating plane friction. Such as the sleeve of the clothes, the hip, the bottom of the sock. ②Fold abrasion: means the abrasion of the fabric folded edge. Such as the collar and cuffs of the clothes, the hem of the slack bottom and other folded edge abrasion; ③Flex abrasion: means the repeated friction on the fabric which is in bending state. Such as the abrasion on the elbow of the sleeves and the knee of the pants; In addition, there are dynamic abrasion which was affected by many factors, tumble abrasion when do the washing and so on. Usually, the abrasion resistance of the fabric can reflect the fastness of the fabric. 

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