Which Fabrics can be Used as Coating Base Fabric? What Characteristics of Each Fabric?

2016-03-12 09:45 | writer: admin

1.Cotton fabric
Advantage: Very good cohesive force, without adhesive, small thermal contraction;
Disadvantages: low strength, easy to absorb moisture, easy to mold, easy to moth-eaten.
2, Nylon fabric
Advantages: high strength, good elasticity and elastic resilience, abrasion-proof, good heat absorption property, not easy to mold, moth-eaten or decay;
Disadvantages: high price, poor ultraviolet resistance, moisture absorption.
3, Polyethylene, polypropylene fabric
Advantages: light quality, low price, chemically inertness, not easy to mold, moth-eaten or decay;
Disadvantages: low melting point, especially Polyethylene, adhesive bonding of some substance is difficult.
4, Aramid fabric
Advantages: very high strength, high forcing quality ratio, high melting point, excellent flame retardant properties;
Disadvantages: expensive price, it will be degraded under sunlight or ultraviolet light.
5, Glass fiber fabric
Advantages: high temperature resistance, high toughness, excellent flame retardant properties, good dimension stability, zero resurgence, not easy to mold, moth-eaten or decay, UV resistance performance is very good;
Disadvantages: difficult bonding, high density, fragile, poor bending property.

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