What are the Applications of the UV-proof Fiber in the Protective Clothing?

2016-03-15 08:24 | writer: admin

Add the UV shielding agent in the fiber, yarn and fabric and made up the UV proof textile, which have improved the UV protective capability and the UV shielding rate can reach over 90%, some even can reach over 99%. Until now, the poly, wool, flax, silk have the UV proof function have turn into the prefer raw materials of the lower textile industry. The UV proof textile are mainly applied in the summer women garment, such as shirt, overclothes, skirt, etc., which is very popular among the young women. Not only the garment, but also the sunhat, high socks are very popular because of adding the UV proof function. Meanwhile, the UV proof textile have been used in made men’s wear, sports wear wear in outdoors, UV proof sport wear(include swimsuit, tennis shirt, golf suit, ski-wear, T-shirt, etc. )is another hot pints.  
The UV proof professional apparel have more practical value. The UV proof protective clothing manufactured by Xinxiang Yulong Textile is mainly used for the outdoor workwear, such as field workwear, fishing workwear, farming wear, etc. This kind of clothing have the UV proof function, which can protect the skin of people working under sunshine. The UV proof clothing can protect human body from the industry UV, which is widely used in the semiconductor, electron, photoelectricity, pharmacy, food, welding, disinfect and ray lab industry, etc. 

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