Which Performance Requirements of Fire-Retardant Insulation Protective Clothing Should Have?

2016-03-19 08:12 | writer: admin

Overall, fire-retardant insulation protective clothing must have the following properties:
1. Heat resistance
Insulated protective clothing is mainly used for high temperature operation, shall be kept of itself physical and mechanical properties at high temperatures, shrinking, melting and charring brittleness does not occur.
2. Flame retardant
In the process of the use of thermal protective clothing, generally is one side of fabric to meet the flame, such as fire fighting clothing, in the process of fire fighter in and out of the fire, largely outside of the fire fighting clothing direct contact with the flame, while the inside is rarely contact with the flame, which requires thermal protective fabrics have to withstand the flames burn through from one side to the other side of the performance, it is necessary to consider the burn through performance of the fabric.
3. Insulation
In actual use of thermal protective clothing, most users do not direct contact with the flame, but the outside heat through the form of heat convection, heat radiation and heat conduction transfer to human beings, caused harm to humans. Thermal protective clothing must have better slow down and prevent heat transfer performance, to avoid heat cause harm to human body, provide good security for heat protective clothing users who worked in high-temperature environment.
4. Anti-liquid permeability
It refers to heat protective clothing to prevent high temperature water, oils, solvents or other liquids through the clothing fiber material, the pores within the fabric, garment seams, pinhole performance. Thermal protective clothing anti-liquid permeability related to clothing fiber material properties, fabric structure and clothing structure.
5. The wearing comfort and wearability
In addition to the thermal protective property, thermal protective clothing must have good wearing comfort and wearability, such as having a certain tensile strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance, color fastness and washability, and certain heat and moisture transfer ability, in order to facilitate sweat evaporation and body heat loss, have lower physiological load.
In addition, thermal protective clothing also requires light weight, easy to wear off, the loose structure, there is no limit on the run, climb, jump and other movements, are unlikely to cause hook, adopt strengthen measures in the vulnerable parts, to meet the coordination and comfort requirements ,improve work efficiency.

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