How to Reduce or Remove The Formaldehyde in The Textile?

2016-03-25 08:05 | writer: admin

The formaldehyde is a annoying and irritating chemical, what can cause dermatitis and have carcinogenic effects potentially. The Occupational safety and health regulations of many countries limit the quantity of the formaldehyde content in air, in the year of 1974, the Japan government had made the rules for this issue, But the following a period of time our country did not pay enough attention to this, perhaps because the awareness of environmental protection has not yet reached a certain height, and the developed country have not yet put “green barrier” as trade weapon, until into the 90s, the rise of the green textile and introduce some related laws and regulations increase the understanding of formaldehyde restrictions to the same height with the forbid use dyestuff, use new products replace the chemical agent that possible release the formaldehyde become a hot issue in our country.
The chemical agent that use formaldehyde mainly have two types, one is formaldehyde and amide generated hydroxyl methyl compounds, hydroxy methyl has higher activity due to the existence of the amide, which can own or crosslinking with hydroxyl groups in cellulose. The agent with formaldehyde mainly is this type. Another is use formaldehyde make methylene bridge form polymolecular or high molecular compound. In the textile production these products cause formaldehyde harm mainly have three ways, 1st is due to hydroxymethylation or acetal, there is unreacted free formaldehyde in the products, this is unavoidable. 2nd is unreacted hydroxymethyl can release free formaldehyde continuously in the process of storage and use. 3rd is acetal group or imine chain can hydrolyze to regenerate the formaldehyde in the moist air, especially under the condition of acid and alkali.
Regard to reduce or remove the formaldehyde harm, now the people had done a lot of works, on the whole, if only solve the previous two reasons of the above, will not eradicate the harm of formaldehyde, only can reduce the release quantity of the formaldehyde. If want to eradicate formaldehyde problems, must not use the formaldehyde production products, including not use the products produced by raw materials reacted by formaldehyde.

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