What is PIQUE?

2016-03-28 08:14 | writer: admin

The pique cloth is a kind of knitted fabric, the material can be 100% cotton, cotton blended or chemical fiber.
The surface of the pique is full of holes and just like a honeycomb. It is more breathable, dry and comfortable and washable. It is easy to be recognized due to its special fabric texture, so some people also called it “pineapple cloth”.
The pique fabric was usually used to make the T-shirt and sportswear, because of its characters of perspiration absorption, not easy deformation and no pilling. Many POLO shirts of the famous brand were made of pique fabric. Even in the very hot weather, the pique fabric can still make us feel comfortable. Soft appearance and handfeel, no deformation after machine wash are the most significant feature of the pique fabric.
Compared with the 100% cotton knitted fabric, the pique is not soft and mild enough. So the 100% cotton knitted were usually used to make the T-shirt and the pique was usually use to make the polo-shirt.

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