How Many Kinds of Special Finishing for The Fabric?

2016-04-01 08:43 | writer: admin

The special finishing of the fabric means the way to achieve the special function. Usually by adding the additives before setting or by painting with the coating machine. Below are the main types of special finishing ways for the textile fabric:
A.FR treatment: can be divided into flame retardant after finishing process and fiber fire resistant .The FR fabric should meet the requirement that the fire will extinguish automatically when throwing a cigarette on its surface. The material of the after finishing FR fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd can be 100% cotton, poly/cotton, nylon/cotton etc. The fiber FR fabric are Aramid and Modacylic/cotton.
B.Waterproof treatement: one way is to painting the fabric with waterproof material on the surface of the fabric by coating machine, another way is add the waterproof additives before stretching.
C.Antifouling & oil repellent treatment: use the same way as the waterproof treatment, coating the fabric with the special material.
D.Antifungal & Antibacterial treatment: can use the coating method, also can use the ceramic powder to do the finishing.
E.Anti-UV treatment: As for the silk, the anti-UV finishing can prevent the silk from yellowing due to the damage of the silk protein fiber. The function of anti-UV in other fabric was to anti-sun’s ultraviolet rays.
F.Anti-infrared treatment: In order to achieve the different effects, It was divided into anti-infrared and infrared absorption treatment. 
G.Anti-static treatment: by scattering the centralized static and avoid the sparks.
There are also other special different finishing process: such as aroma treatment, medicine taste treatment, nutritional treatment, radiation treatment, the resin treatment (stiff of cotton fabric and the anti-wrinkling of silk), wash and wear treatment, luminous treatment, peached treatment, raising(fleecing) treatment etc.

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