What is Burning Test Method for FR Fabric?

2016-04-05 08:22 | writer: admin

FR test method test method is mainly for determining sample’s damage length/after flame time/after glow time. Certain size sample on planning burning oven lighting 12s with stated fire source, after moving the fire source, tested sample’s after flame time and after glow time. After glow stopped, according to the rule determine the damage length. Mainly according to USA ASTM F1358-1995<textile FR property standard test method—vertical> and Chinese GB/T5456-2009<textile FR property vertical direction sample’s determination of fire spreading property> and GB 5455-1997<textile burning property test vertical method> such standard. Chinese national standard specified after flame time ≤5s, after glow time ≤5s, damage length ≤150mm. According to sample and the relative position of fire, it can be divided into vertical method / tilting method and level method.
Level method and vertical method is the most regular method in testing FR material. Its theory is: level and vertical clamp one end of sample, lighting with specified gas fire in another end, through measuring linear burning speed(level method) and with flame or without flame burning time(vertical method) to evaluate sample’s FR property. Vertical method experiment is fierce than 45°direction or level direction burning.
Vertical method is also divided into vertical damage length method/ vertical direction fire spread property determination/ vertical direction sample easy flaming determination and surface burning determination. Vertical method can be used in testing clothing fabric/ decoration fabric/ tent etc for FR property; tilting method mainly used in inside decoration fabric for plane; level method used in carpet such bedding fabric.

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