How to Classify the Workwear and Uniform (part1) ?

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There are many classification methods based on the different starting point on the workwear. No matter from which point, the classification purpose had guiding and practical function on the design/management/market and development of the workwear. Xinxiang Yulong Textile is a professional workwear manufacturer which is integrated design, production, sales and after sale service. Yulong classify the workwear as below:
1.Per the market demands, the workwear can be divided into group-buying and the personal-buying. The group buying means the group’s manage department is responsible for purchasing the workwear, usually big order qty. the personal buying means personal consumption, usually small order qty. The main customers of Xinxiang Yulong Textile is the group-buying.
2.Per the industrial properties, it can be divided into three types of industrial occupations uniforms
The workwear for primary industry include: agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishing, hunting and mining; The workwear for secondary industry include the manufacturing and civil construction; Besides the primary industry and the secondary industry, all the other type of workwears are belong to the tertiary industry. 
3.Per the workwears’ usage in different industry
For example, the hotel uniform can be divided into the front hall uniform, housekeeping uniform, security uniform and engineering uniform etc. The front hall uniform can be divided into the bell attendant uniform, hotel greeter uniform, hall manager uniform, cashier uniform and reception uniform etc. Each type of uniform has its own clear and specific features. People can recognize the staffs’ position easily by their uniform. As for the transportation uniform, the bus transport, shipping, railway transport and air transport have its own uniform and different with each other. The uniform can be designed correctly when have the clear and specific object.
4. According to the application of the workwear, it can be used for etiquette and protection.
The etiquette uniform was used in the social etiquette, work etiquette etc. And each type has the corresponding accessories, such as neckties, bow ties, scarves, ribbons, badges, caps, tassels, hooks etc. The protection uniform was used for body protection during the work and other special safety protection, the relevant accessories have helmets, scarves, glasses, face guard, footwear and rope etc. As for the etiquette uniform the artistry function is more important than the practical function. As for the safety protection uniform, the safety protection function is more important than the decorative artistry function. Xinxiang Yulong Textile was professional manufacturer of safety protective workwear and uniform, we concern more about the practical function.

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