How to Classify the Workwear and Uniform (part 2)?

2016-04-15 08:12 | writer: admin

5. According to different design
Close-fit and loose, front open and back open, cover and naked, tight and open style, two-piece and one-piece, pullover and open-front etc..
6. According to different material
Single material textile, blended textile, fur etc. Material.
Single material textile have natural cotton, linen, feather and silk, chemical fiber have polyester, viscose, polyamide, acrylic, spandex, polypropylene etc.. The blended textile is two materials of the above or more than two materials blended, it can more meet the requirements of workwear fabric. The workwear fabric produced by Yulong Textile mainly are 100% cotton, polyester/cotton, cotton/polyamide etc. Material.
7. According to different style
Progressive, tradition, romantic, conservative, fashion etc.
Chinese style, national style, folk style, fashion etc..
8. According to different body
Gender: men’s clothing, women’s clothing, general clothing.
Different dress: outwear, lined clothing, jacket, pant, coverall.
Different dress part: headgear, body suit, hand clothing, foot suit.
9. According to different weather
Season: spring, summer, autumn and winter workwear
Region: frigid zone, hot zone, temperate zone workwear
Geographical features: exoplanet, cosmic space, high altitude, ground, underwater workwear
Weather: cold proof, heat stroke prevention, wind proof, anti radiation workwear.
Learn to identify the classification of the workwear, we can have more choices when buy clothing, and choose many clothing suit for us to wear, meantime to show our own temperament.

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