How to Purchasing The Anti-Static Workwear?

2016-04-18 09:00 | writer: admin

1. Requirement of construction 
(1) Wearing convenient and comfortable, easy to get off and move.
(2) In general, clothing should not be used in the metal accessories. If have to, such as button and zipper, we should ensure the accessories should not be exposed outside when wearing. 
(3) The clothing should made of the anti-static fabric and without lining fabric. If have to, such as the pocket fabric and reinforce cloth, the exposed lining fabric should no more than 20% of the anti-static clothing; If more than 20%, such as cold protective clothing or special clothing, the veil and lining of workwear should be detachable. 
2. Requirement of model design
In general, the tops should be three fasten(cuff fasten, collar fasten, hem fasten), the pants are the straight-leg pants; or the three fasten coverall. 

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