How Many Factors Will Influence The Textile’s Antistatic Property?

2016-04-22 08:14 | writer: admin

(1)Textile’s main yarn material specific resistance is remarkable higher than its anti static property, should according to antistatic fabric using requirement, antistatic property request that you should choose suitable main yarn material.
(2)Antistatic yarn material have remarkable influence to antistatic property, antistatic yarn material must choose based on base textile’s physical performance and completed antistatic performance.
(3)Textile’s anti static property is commonly decided by main yarn material and antistatic yarn material. Main yarn material is made with higher specific resistance; the matched antistatic yarn cannot have higher specific resistance, rather than good performance antistatic yarn, which will be better decrease textile’s friction electrostatic pressure, to make it suitable for special work environment.
(4)On same parameter condition, antistatic yarn shown out more, antistatic effect will be better.
(5)Considering decreasing cost and complicated degree on machine, antistatic yarn shown warp or weft distribution, better than net distribution.
(6)Textile’s construction and tighten have not so much affection on antistatic textile, but will affect the content of antistatic yarn. The higher content of antistatic yarn, the textile has more good antistatic property.

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