How to Identify The Cotton Fabrics Quickly?

2016-04-25 08:55 | writer: admin

The way to identify the cotton fabric before buying:
Grab: Grabbing the fabric in your hand, then release. Let us watch the fabric now, if the fabric surface wrinkled seriously, that means the cotton fiber is more than others, otherwise not.
Watch: The gloss of cotton fabric surface is not so light and the reflection is not strong, it seems much softer. The easiest way is to review the washing labels.
Touch: The hand feel of the cotton fabric is more soft and comfortable than other fabrics (except the silk fabric).
By doing experiment to identify after buying:
Wash: The cotton fabric with high yarn count and high density has small shrinkage rate, it will wrinkle after washing, but it will recover smooth after drying.
Burn: By burning a small piece of fabric or fiber, the cotton fabric will burn and has the smell of burning paper, the ash is black and it can be crushed completely by hand.

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