What’s The Effect of Each Process of Treatment? Is There Any Influence to The Color?

2016-04-29 08:19 | writer: admin

Treatment is the last process of the dyeing and finishing process, it mainly is process the greige cloth to the ready made fabric to meet the client’s requirements, provide the qualified workwear fabric to the garment factory. For the dyed fabric, its process includes singeing, desizing, mercerizing, washing, fabric setting, dyeing, fuzzing, brushed, calendering, resin, coating, shrinkage.
1. Singeing: mainly is burn off the fluffy on the surface of fabric, to make the fabric clean and smooth. There is no effect to the color.
2. Desizing: By enzyme effect and high temperature water washing to remove the sizing agent from the greige. It’s no effect to the color, but should pay attention to the effect of whitening agent to the color when white fabrics use high temperature water washing to remove the sizing agent.
3. Mercerizing: it is use strong alkali effected on the cotton fiber to increase the luster of cotton and strength etc.. It usually make the fabric color darker, and with the increase of mercerizing alkali concentration, the fabric color will be more darker.
4. Washing: For the fabric with BLUE R dyestuff, after mercerizing the washing color fastness would be decreased as this dyestuff influenced by alkali, in order to ensue the washing color fastness of the ready made fabric, it should be washing after mercerizing, so it can be see that after washing the color of the fabric with BLUE R dyestuff will be lighter and short of blue shade.
5. Soft setting: as some softening agent have the self crosslinking feature, they will build film on the fabric surface, so will make the color darker, but the difference is not obvious. Another, if sublimation fastness of disperse dyestuff is not very good at a high temperature, it possible influence the color shade and color fastness as the dyestuff move to the fabric surface.
6. Additive color: For the single color fabric or similar fabric, if the color shade is big different the standard color, it can be adjust the color shade by jig dyeing.
7. Preshrinking: it is the method that use mechanical action make the shrinkage of fabric meet the requirements of customer, it is no effect to the color.

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