What are The Influence for The Fabric Color After Special After Finish Treatment?

2016-05-02 09:03 | writer: admin

There are some special treatment, which will affect the color of the fabric, conclude as bellow:
1. Fuzzing and sanding treatment 
Fuzzing and sanding treatment is making the fabric with long or short balance and close fluff by machine and make the fabric looks more fluffy, soft and thick. After the fuzzing and sanding treatment, because of the fluffy fiber, the color of the fabric may looks lighter than before.
2. Satinage 
Satinage is make the fabric more smooth and have bright gloss by the rubbing and pressure of machine. After calendering, the fabric diffuse reflection to light reduced, so the apparent color turn light. The more calendering, the lighter color change. 
3. Noniron finish 
The noniron is under the acidic condition (pH<1.5), some of the reactive dyes have low acid resistance, after treatment, the color changed larger, especially for black and blue, so the color will turn red. Color matching should refer to the single color change sample plate and try to avoid using the large color changing dye and pay attention to the regular of the color change of the dyes. 
4. Coating 
The coating treatment is by coating a coat film to change the pattern and function of the fabric. Because of the big reflective index of the film, the fabric color will turn dark. The thicker coat, the large change. 
5. Durable satinage treatment 
The influence of the durable satinage treatment include mercerization, ETI and calendering . Color matching should adjust according the above process. 
6. UV proof treatment 
At present, the UV proof treatment is added at the dye production and will influence the color. So when making a sample, for the UV proof order, we should add the UV proof chemical when dyeing the sample. 

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