The Application of The Fire Retardant Coverall in The Oil Industry

2016-05-09 08:32 | writer: admin

At present the most commonly used in domestic oilfields are cotton coverall, anti-static clothing and the flame retardant finished cotton or polyester clothing. The cotton coverall is the same as informal clothing, does not have prevent and protective effect for deflagration. The anti-static clothing can prevent deflagration caused by electric spark, the fire retardant finished cotton or polyester coverall can prevent deflagration, these two kind of clothing’s anti-static property and fire retardant property can be weaken by washing or abrasion, once clothing deflagrated, flame light, which will increase the burned degree.
Because many other factors will affect the protective property of clothing except the fabric selection, for example, the clothing design, adopted accessories, including thread, zipper, reflective tape etc. More skin surface should be covered in terms of design, such as not adopt lapel design etc, to improve the whole security of clothing, and suggest use fire retardant thread, zipper, to avoid the whole clothing breaking because of accessories burning when meeting deflagration, causing the wearer exposed to fire directly, and not achieve its proper role.
In addition, there are some details should be noticed when wearing fire retardant protective clothing, for example, choose suitable size and slightly loose clothing, small size will affect wearing comfort and flexible operation; another example, do not open collar and roll up sleeves when wearing clothing, get the grease off to ensure the clothing work best.
With the development of our national economy, the improvement of legal system and enhancement of the personal health and protection awareness, especially, petrochemical industries international interchange and cooperation are becoming more and more frequent, safety consciousness increasing gradually, fire retardant protection should be expanded in Chinese oil and petrochemical enterprises.

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