What Are The Reasons Make the White Cotton Fabric Yellowing?

2016-05-16 08:33 | writer: admin

Analysis the reasons are as bellow,
1. Fiber degradation: because of the heat, light, other radiation, chemical and biodegradation function and make the fiber degrade. 
2. Annexing agent: add crumb softener, oils, lube, resin, fluorescer and metallic compound, which cause the yellowing and flare. 
3. Air pollutants: the influence of NOx, sulfur dioxide and ozonic, caused yellowing.
4. Transmit pollutants: the original uranidin of the yellowing materials is transfer by the attached paper, cardboard, plastic film or plastic bag and the pumice used for the stone mill washing. 
5. Pollutants of customer: residue from the sweat and family washing and bleaching. 

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