What Kind of Wear Does The Textile Has?

2016-05-23 08:43 | writer: admin

The property of wear resistance is an important standard to value the textile’s quality, this property affects the durability and effect of the final product directly. Specifically refers to the  property of wear resistance when have friction between fabrics or between fabric and other substance. The wear means the textile fabric’s appearance has changes, mainly refers to wearout, quality damage, color change and pilling on the appearance,etc.
The wear of the textile products was mainly show up in the following five aspects:
(1)Because of the constantly collision between fibers during the friction process, the yarn fiber fragments will fracture due to fatigue damage, then result in the yarn breakage.
(2) The fibers were extracted from the fabric, resulting in loose yarn and loose fabric structure, under the repeated impact, fibers may be pulled out completely, resulting in thinner yarn, fabric to be thin, or even disintegration.
(3) the fibers were cut and fractured, resulting in yarn breakage.
(4)The abrasion on the fiber surface, resulting in the loss of the the fiber fragments.
(5)The heat caused by friction make the fiber plastic deformation and melting come into being which will affect the fiber’s structure and mechanical properties.

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