What Characteristics Does The Vat Dye Used in Textile?

2016-05-30 08:36 | writer: admin

Vat dye has following common characteristics:
1, As for color, most are inter medium color, and basically single component, so the dyeing reproducibility is good, especially green color, olive-green, flesh color, brown and gray etc.
2, Very good chlorine fastness, washing fastness, light fastness, wet rubbing fastness,  perspiration fastness and other compound fastness.
3, Very good endurance to dyeing fabric post processing, for example, common resin treatment, shape memory processing, perfumed finish and antibacterial finishing etc, very smaill change color. 
4, Suit for dyeing cotton blend fabric in one bath.
5, High sorption of fiber, utilization ratio of dyestuff, and easy to remove insoluble precipitate after oxidized when using vat dyes.
6, Certain breeds have special characteristic, like absorbing infrared ray etc.

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