How to Reduce the Fabric Sewing Wrinkles When Sewing?

2016-06-06 08:36 | writer: admin

The cloth itself has a great influence for sewing, i.e. Some fabric with high density, some treated fabrics, some thinner fabrics without elastic.
When the sewing direction parallel to the fabric warp direction, the sewing thread will force the warp yarn move away from its original place, because each sewing thread will push away the warp yarn, the deviation by many needles accumulation will be along the seam leading to seam wrinkles, when the sewing direction parallel to the fabric weft direction, it usually less wrinkles. Therefore, it can be consider using bias cut, if necessary, can apply smoothing agent on the cloth.
In addition, as far as possible use fine needle, because the fine needle can significantly reduce the resistance produced by the needle through the fabric, so can prevent the sewing wrinkles, meanwhile please remember change new needles regularly.
It should carefully check the tension of sewing thread and adjust it to the minimum when use compound sewing thread. The tension of compound sewing thread through the fabric is too big, it will automatically shrink to ease the tension, this kind of phenomenon will shrink along the seam, and then make the seam wrinkle.

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