What is the Effect of Fabric Structure on Fabric Abrasion Resistance?

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Fabric structure generally refers to the geometric structure, is space relationship of fabric in warp and weft yarn. And it will affect fabric outer appearance. Woven fabric and knitted fabric, non-woven fabric and such several kinds textile have different construction. Cross and junction are being connected with yarn having this stable construction. let textile keeping stable form and mechanical property. The yarn in textile have it’s own direction/operation rule, and form the different organizational structure. 
The fabric structure is one of the main factors influencing the fabric abrasion resistance, so it can improve the wear resistance of fabric by changing the structure of the fabric.
1. Textile’s structure
The influence of structure on wear resistance of the fabric with the different of warp and weft density. In lower density textile, plain fabric‘s interlacing point have more, the fiber will be not easy to pumping, it is advantage to abrasive resistance for fabric. In higher density fabric, satin fabric has better abrasive resistance, twill on second place, plain fabric is worse.
Knitted wear resistance have close relation with fabric construction, its basic rule is same with knitted fabric. Weft flat construction has better abrasion resistance than others. 
2. Fabric thickness
Fabric thickness has greatest effect to plane abrasion. If the fabric is thicken, plane abrasion enhanced, but the property of twist abrasion and edge fold abrasion is decreased.
3. The fineness for weft and warp in fabric
In the same fabric construction, if the fabric yarn is thicker, the fabric of support surface is big, the fabric friction is not easy to generate stress; and if the yarn thicker, the yarn cross section have more fiber number and yarn is not easy to break, which is conductive to abrasion resistance.
4. Fabric weight per square meter
Flat grinding resistance of fabric square meter weight to each kind of fabric is extremely significant. Abrasion resistance is almost a linear growth with square meter weight increased. But different fabric has different influence degree. The same weight per unit area of fabric, woven fabric abrasion resistance is better than knitted fabric.

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