What are the Indicators of Inspect Greige Fabric?

2016-06-27 08:15 | writer: admin

Inspect the greige fabric: check the situation of greige fabric that produced by the weaving mill to ensure the quality of dyeing and process. It usually inspect the below index.
A. Physical parameters, includes length, width etc., the quality of greige fabric will influence the quality of finished fabric, i.e. The width of greige fabric, in order to meet the requirements of width, it will be tenter the width caused a big shrinkage, accordingly the density of finished fabric also will deviate from the standard.
B. Inspect the visual defects, for example, missing yarn, oil stain, thick yarn etc.. If there is oil on the surface of fabric, the greige is not suitable for white fabric, also not suitable for dyeing, otherwise it will cause defects such as uneven dyeing, painting. If there is some metal filing on the surface of fabric, it will cause hole when bleaching. In a word, fabric inspection is very important for dyeing and finishing. Some defects need to mend in time before dyeing and finishing.
Before greige fabric into factory we always inspect it very carefully, in case of some quality problems caused by unqualified greige when dyeing. Every details during the production all influence the ending use, we always pay more attention to every details to ensure show the higher quality products to clients.

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