How to Choose Correct Dyeing Technics for Reactive Dye?

2016-07-04 08:26 | writer: admin

1, Possible use of higher temperature dyeing. If middle-wet evermoist dye in used, dyeing humidity can be increased from 60℃~65℃ to 75℃~80℃, and then fall to 60℃~65℃, add alkali to fixation.
2, Use add alkali to fixation technic. On the process of dding alkali to fixation, dye bonding reacts with the fiber, at the same time, also hydrolysis react with water and form flooding dye. The speed of the hydrolysis reaction relates to strength of fixation condition. The higher the fixation condition, the more strong the alkaline, and the sooner the hydrolysis of dye. Generally choose 60℃~65℃, fixation alkaline agent adopt pure soda ash, PH rate is around 11, add in soda ash gradually.
3, washing and soaping: The purpose of washing after dyeing is to remove the residual alkaline agent of the fiber, and to prevent the bonding fixation of dye broken due to high temperature alkaline hydrolysis in high temperature wash, fall off from fiber.
Pls keep the following things in mind when washing:  
First, pls wash first with clean water before the soaping.
Second, choose good washing ability, dispersing power, emulsifying ability and dirt-removing power soaping agent.
Third, it is better add 1~2g/L of chelating dispersant in soap lotion.
Fourth: souping in the neutral condition(pH=6~7)
Fifth: high temperature soaping.

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