What is Electric Arc and Arc Flash?

2016-07-25 08:50 | writer: admin

Electric arc is due to electric field excessive, gas occurrence breakdown and persisted to form plasma, thus let the current conveyance the phenomenon of insulating medium under normal status.
Arc flash: on the arc reaction process, the electricity in special scale, through non-earth conductor or non-earth and earth conductor which generated arc flash, and have the temperature of 35000 Fahrenheit degree.
The dangerous of arc flash 
Arc flash is the most possible reason of touching electricity harm on electrical gas worker, because serious arc occurred in the temperature of 35000 Fahrenheit degree, which is the 4 times of surface temperature of Sun, the material around is erupted with higher temperature after gasified or burned, in the meantime if worker’s clothing caught burned, thus will cause a large area of burning on the body.
Present arc protection inspection standard:
European standard:EN61482-2
American standard:ASTM F1506

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