Assessing Methods of Flame Retardant Workwears' FR Performance

2016-08-29 08:19 | writer: admin

flame retardant workwear
Now we mainly adopt 3 methods to assess FR performance of flame retardant workwears:
1.Vertical flame test,testing process:Extinguish or remove the flame after burning the fabric for 12 seconds with Methane gas flame.Then observe the after flame and after glow situation of the fabric,and measure the damage length of the fabric.Vertical flame test simulates the fabric’s burning situation that flame from the bottom of fabric’s edge,which is infrequent in the real fire accident.
2.Thermal Protective Performance (TPP)test,the TPP test is closer to the real situation,and reflects the fabric’s TPP better. The TPP test is widely used by NFPA and GB standard.
3.Thermal manikin test:This test is the most realistic simulation to the real fire accident by using manikin.Thermal manikin test reflects the TPP of FR garments best.And it is also one of  the most advanced thermal burns evaluation devices in the world.

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