What Processing is Used for Yulong Textile Produce Antistatic Fabric?

2016-09-19 08:30 | writer: admin

antistatic fabric from Yulong Textile
Antistatic fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd mainly weave antistatic fiber or antistatic yarn into the fabric during weaving processing.
Except improve the raw material to develop antistatic fabric, also can weave antistatic fiber at a certain distance ( or antistatic blended yarn) into fabric during weaving processing. Available to embed antistatic yarn in warp direction or weft direction, also can in warp and weft direction to form a grid. Proved by many experiments, no matter in what way embedded antistatic fiber, the antistatic property all have a improvement, even the antistatic grid shows the best effect. Meanwhile the antistatic performance is weakened with the increase of the antistatic yarn distance, The distance of antistatic yarn ( or the content of antistatic fiber) should be decided according to the end use and the requirements of antistatic property.
As the price of antistatic fiber is higher, the fabric with antistatic fiber also with a higher price, so Should be considered to use the least amount of antistatic fiber to obtain the best antistatic property. By optimization analysis about each factors ( the distance of antistatic yarn, the fabric density etc.) to obtain the best option of the distance of antistatic yarn ( the content of antistatic fiber) to comply with the user requirements. Another, because most of antistatic yarn is black color, so should be try to make warp interlacing point of antistatic yarn hide under of the warp interlacing point of basic fabric, to ensure the construction of the face side is not destroied, meanwhile in the back side of fabric, should be try to show the antistatic yarn on the surface for discharge.
In the aspect of how to control the antistatic property, antistatic fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd can use different embed method and different distance of antistatic yarn according to the clients’ requirements, to ensure the best performance of fabric and reduce the cost.

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