How Does Aramid Apply in The Field of Safety Protection?

2016-09-26 08:57 | writer: admin

aramid fabric from Yulong Textile
Aramid's fiber is flame retardant fiber with high fiber strength,low halogen content,good performance for garment,which wildly used in the field of flame retardant garment.
Because of its own outstanding characteristics:light weight,flame retardant,thermostability,high strength,insulation,anti radiation,high elastic module,aromatic polyamide fiber has became to the important strategic materials related to national security and economy.Aramid is key material of military equipment,police fire protection,bullet proof equipment and national equipment manufacturing,which can be also used wildly in safety protection,environmental filtration,structural reinforcement,and electrical insulation in energy,traffic,chemical industry,electronic,and construction.Developed countries in the world attach great importance to research and industrial development of aramid.
Aramid products have the following characteristics:full range,excellent fiber performance,high color fatness,green and environmental protection.Meta aramid is one kind of organic high temperature resistant fiber with high integrated performance.Meta aramid is used wildly in environmental filtration,protective wear,industrial textile and aramid paper by using its excellent heat resistance, intrinsic flame resistance and chemical stability.The application of aramid has not been very good popularity because that Chinese industry is generally low standard.We all believe that industry safety standards will integrate gradually with international standards with the growing importance of health and safety.Chinese manufacturers of aramid have done a lot of work  to get ready to develop the improving product differentiation and technology research about aramid’s application.The industry of aramid will go further and have more broad prospects.

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