What's The Measurement can be Used in Preventing Fabric From Color Stripe?

2016-10-06 08:24 | writer: admin

protective fabric from Yulong Textile
1. The half finished fabric being through loosed and boiled, the water must be clear, fabric’s PH value controlled within 7-7.5.
2. Put into dyeing acid during dyeing, 5 min. operating, adding agent with well dissolved, adjusted dye stuff to PH value 4.5-5, open program list or computer and type into technical requested temperature and time to dyeing.
3. The dye fabric volume is fit or not, it should be according to different machine type and thickness of fabric to adjust quantity, generally fabric volume should be controlled within 2 points: one is as original designed volume about 80%, the other one is each circle of length less than 3 min.
4. According to fabric’s thickness and time to adjust nozzle, in case the nozzle being bigger, and banked up in a mess so that ties a knot, however nozzle smaller will raise color lump.
5. Select suitable dye stuff, better use same type dye stuff, several dye stuff colored too fast, it should be adjusted heating curve and increase dyeing evenness agent.
6. Dispersion evenness dye agent should be used under high temperature and high pressure, good heat resistance, and will not raise such tarry compound.
7. build the inspection principle for dyeing half finished fabric in case of letting defected fabric going to next process, decreased labor waste.

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