How to Identify Color Stain on Fabric?

2016-10-19 08:42 | writer: admin

protective fabric from Yulong Textile
Color stain: it shows strip/ crease strip/square pattern dark or light color on fabric, the heavier is white lump on several parts, the minor problem cannot be seen on inspection machine, however after folding, and it will display difference in fabric page to page.
1. Severe color stain and color cannot be dyed on part, and have knot crease, which is belong to knot caused color stain.
2. It is because temperature increased higher or insufficient temperature keeping time if it shows irregular string color stain.
3. It is because dye stuff matched error or insufficient evenness agent usage if it shows impure color and lot start and end color difference.
4. It is caused by scouring effect not good or stay longer time after scouring if it has color difference on page and page.
5. It is because the water is not so pure after dye, and didn’t go through recover washing, and also because wind power on setting machine is unevenness if after dye it didn’t show color stain, but after sizing it shows strip color stain.

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