What are Necessary Performance of Thermal Protective Garment?

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Thermal protective garment must possess human body protection under high temperature conditions which is special thermal protective performance besides wearability of normal protective garment.There are different thermal protective performance requirements according to different heat source of body injury and different thermal transmission in different using occasions and conditions.But generally thermal protective garment must possess protective performance as follow:
1.Thermal insulation
Thermal insulation means that thermal protective garment must possess a better performance of slowing down and preventing heat transfer to protect human body from heat source and provide thermal protective garment user a better protection under high temperature.
2.Liquid permeability
Thermal protective garment can prevent water,oil,solvent and other liquid with high temperature hurt human skin through fiber of garment,interspace on fabric,clothing seams and pinhole.
Integrality means maintaining the original fabric appearance shape and inner quality,not shrinking,fusion or brittle carbonization.Thermal garment fabric 
4.Flame retardance
Flame retardant fabric will be flame retardant or noncombustible when fabric encounters any particular temperature.Flame retardance can curb the spread of fire during burning.And the fire can extinguish itself once the combustion source move away.Therefor,flame retardance is one of the most important performances of thermal protective garment.Fire on wearing body is the worst burn,and the rate of resulting second degree and third degree burn is determinant of effective rescue and recovery speed when people meet deflagration.So flame retardance is regarded as a main project in most of thermal protective performance.
In the practical application of thermal protective garment,aiming at different using purpose and application,thermal protective performance and other performance requirements are also different.For example:firefighting garment not only needs good flame retardance but also needs better heat radiation,heat convection property and certain water proof performance;protective garment for welders needs good anti molten metal droplet impact property;Protective garment for petrochemical industry needs extra anti static performance.

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