What are the Impacts of Ultraviolet Rays on Human Body?

2016-11-09 08:26 | writer: admin

anti UV fabric from Yulong Textile
People only know that the ultraviolet rays in sunlight are beneficial for human body, for example, ultraviolet rays can promote the synthesis of vitamin D and skeletal development; plenty of sunshine and more outdoor activities can help growing children avoid rickets and good for health, the suntanned black and red skin is the symbol of health,etc. The modern research has shown us that the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on the human body is much larger than its beneficial effects. Excessive exposure to UV light is harmful. It mainly affects the eyes and skin, causing acute keratitis and conjunctivitis, chronic cataract etc, induce skin cancer. 
According to different radiation wavelength, the ultraviolet rays can be divided into UV-A (wavelength is 315-400nm), UV-B (wavelength is 280-315), and UV-C (wavelengths is 280cm or less).Since the rarely atmospheric ozone absorption of UV-A, result in UV-A can reach the ground, the change of radiation quantity is irrelevant in ozone sphere. Contrary to UV-C, it can be totally absorbed by ozone sphere, so basically it ca not reach the ground; And the radiation quantity of UV-B is closely related to ozone sphere, have great influence on humans.
In recent years, more and more anti-UV fabric appeared, they generally use the methods of adding uv finishing agent in the fabric or anti uv fiber treated fabric to prevent human ultraviolet rays hazards, all kinds of anti uv fabric start selling in the market. The anti uv fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd has good resistance to ultraviolet radiation, can be up to UPF50 +.

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